GHOST RUNNER is the prologue to a supernatural, action-drama series with a big sociological heart.







This first short story is an enigmatic, lo-fi introduction to the series, exploring the relationship between its two protagonists.



What happens to people the world cuts loose? The unseen and the unwanted... 


What keeps you needed? Powerful?  Ego. Influence. Sex. Responsibility...




GHOST RUNNER uses and subverts sci-fi, film noir and comic book tropes to explore wider social themes and build all the way from a personal crisis in a run-down basement to world revolution and a whole new modern mythology.


...Things will escalate pretty quickly.

Michael and Leo are running for their lives.


Two people who need each other, but wish they didn't.


A world in crisis.


A secret war in shadows between the unseen power brokers of the world and the powerless...


And we're all caught in the cross-fire.

This film was also an experiment. An exercise. A reaction.


The other reason we made it ourselves was to see what would happen if we applied our own methodology to film work, based on having integrity of story telling, drama, and art as top priority at all stages, with little or no compromise to commercial and production value where/if they clashed - even while working in a traditionally commercial genre.

A reaction to a smothering culture on screen that fetishises technical and asthetic perfection above all else; creating a tsunami of shiny but willfully soulless, dramatically limp, artistically vapid films. 



...but also, y'know, for funzies.

Hangin' out and making movies with your friends is hella fun.

It's a big idea. We made this short to show a small, solid part of it's world.


With no money, but a bunch of willing friends, a camera, and a whole bunch of gaffa-tape... we figured we'd, hit the streets, run-and-gun and just get the thing rolling.


GHOST RUNNER as it stands, is a rough-and-ready demo tape. An invitation, to imagine how cool this show could be - then come aboard, and keep making it better with us.


GHOST RUNNER now continues as a weekly comic at:


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