Who are we?



We're a group of friends and new graduates with a very specific set of skills...


We all work in and around the Film, TV, Graphics and Theatre industries: we tell little bits of other people's stories for a living.

We don't really go to the football at the weekends, and we gotta do something when we hang out.

Telling great stories of our own is fun.


So we decided to do that.

Creative Producer

1st Assistant Director


Set design

Andrew Hammond

Regé-Jean Page



Assistant Editor


Kris Luckin

Director of Photography

Camera operator


Guy Watson

1st Assistant Director


Lee Childs

Sound Designer

Sound Mixer

Location Sound


Stills Photographer


Mona Wang



Production Designer

Stills Photographer




Jay Lee Walsh


Alex Sinclair

Location Sound

Matt Warren


Stills Photographer

Set Assistant

Natalia Nella

Production design


Sammm Agnew



Anna Procter

Handy Cam Operator

Set Assistant


Marta Sierra-Marco


Bahar Dopren

Location Sound

Set Assistant

Dean Threadgold

Production Assistant

In a whirlwind year and a half since graduating, Regé has been learning his trade as an actor across productions of almost every size in the sceen industry, from no-budget indies ('Disorder'), to network sitcom ('Fresh Meat'),to BBC drama ('Waterloo Rd') to American action flick ('Survivor' starring Mila Jovovic and Pierce Brosnan).

With 'Ghost Runner' he makes an ambitious debut at the helm of his own, experimental, micro-budget short: the result of a years long exercise among friends in slow-burn collaboration on character and concept development.

Andy and Regé are long time partners in crime. By trade, Andy is a concept and storyboard artist working for video game household names like Nintendo, Sony's 'Resistance', and Universal's 'Defiance', among others, as well as major commercial brands such as Coke and Mars.

By nature, Andy relentlessly generates his own independent creative ventures: an on-line graphic novel series, a new collection of short graphic stories, portraiture, stand up comedy writing and now film development with Ghost Runner.

Eleanor McLoughlin



Ben Woodhall

Cast list, Credits and Thanks







Agent Kyuss


Agent Oz


Agent Deith


Band members of 'CRIME'


Eleanor McLoughlin


Ben Woodhall


Regé-Jean Page


Cai Dale


Anna Procter


Jordon Kemp



Jak Brown

John Voctor

Az Khan


Fanatic 'CRIME' fans:







'CRIME' roadies:







'CRIME' fans:







Theo St. Claire


Chuck Blue Lowry




Anna Procter

Kris Luckin

Guy Watson

Lee Childs


Dimitra Petsa

Lizzie Clarke

David Burnett

Angel Carousel

Nakay Kpaka

Akshay Kumar

Ben Mackenzie

Jasmin Starr Scanlon-Carling

Kimberley Bliss

Alicia Krakauer

Dasha Jiwany

Naia Cavelle

Zachary Fall

Sebastian Viveros

Kay Michael

Cecile Ramaz

Kaja Niementowska-Chrysostomou

George Chrusostomou

Nelly Bebeux

Christina Martinez

Lisa Bylund

Erik Nilsson

Fredrik Nilsson

Mona Wang

Special Thanks:




The Drama Centre London and Aoife Smyth 


Claypigeon for donating their entire brilliant band.


Lucy and The Northumberland Arms in King's Cross for the kind and wholehearted donation of the pub basement location and unit base, given to us as complete strangers off the street!


Abi Harris for donating stunning accomodation in Cornwall


Nidal Hajaj for lending us loads of vital equipment and support.


Lydia Huhne and Yeli Leonard for donating their house for a night and being incredible hosts.


Matt and Joe at EMBX for helping facilitate the roof-top location, and being wonderful and supportive.


The Po-po for not arresting us at any point. Not even once. Even when we were really asking for it.


Joshua Hill, Isobel Hughes, Aoife Smyth, Rachel Jackson, Chris Painter, Avena Manserag Wallace, Grace Chilton, Sam Goldwater, Ibrahim Salawu, Laura Asper, Dasha Jiwany - for contributions to workshops, rehearsal and development.




Executive producers




Nadia Cavelle

Anté Bassey

Rosa Hardt

Kieran Gibb

Anna Procter

Grace Blackman

Maria O'Connor

Anna Swift

Zachary Fall

Maggy Swift

Lucy (Northumberland Arms)

Abi Harris

Aoife Smyth

The Drama Centre London

Cillian Grant

Eoin McLoughlin

Tose Page

John McGloughlin

Diyan Zora

Vicki Nice

Nicholas Nice

Chuck Blue Lowry

Una McLoughlin

Douglas Ayling

Cai Dale

Chris Guindi

Alan Guindi

Julie Hammond

Ken Nwosu

Annabel Thomas

Juliet Thomas

Louisa Monniot

Tomas Rodriguez Perez

Desi Page

Grace Chilton

Krishna Sivakumaran

Rege Page

Andy Hammond

Pınar Türer

Matt Warren

Josh Pearl

Scarlet Wilderink

Nidal Hajaj

Monica Lily

Collette Bird


GHOST RUNNER now continues as a weekly comic at: www.ghostrunner.co


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